ІІ International Bruno Schulz Festival in Drohobych



„Bruno Schulz and Culture of Borderland”



(13 – 19 November 2006)




General Consul of PR in L’viv

Mayor of Drohobych

Mayor of Lublin


Festival organizator:

Igor Meniok Polish Educative and Information Center at Drohobych State Ivan Franko Pedagogical University



The Book Institute (Krakow)

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Warsaw)

The Polish Institute (Kyjiv)

Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin




The creator of International Bruno Schulz Festival in Drohobych was Igor Meniok (1973 – 2005), the first director of Polish Educative and Information Center at Drohobych State Ivan Franko Pedagogical University. The concept of the Festival derived from the idea to return Great Bruno his authentic artistic and living space, his “only place on earth”. І International Bruno Schulz Festival in Drohobych took place July 12-18, 2004. Its artistic director was Andrzej Maria Marczewski, stage-director, playwright, theatrical producer.




Monday, 13.11.2006


10.00. – Festival Opening Ceremony (Assembly hall, University main building)


Make a speech:

§        General Consul of PR in L’viv – Wieslaw Osuchowski

§        Rector of Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University – academician, prof. Valeryj Skotnyj

§        Mayor of Drohobych – Mykola Huk

§        Honorary guest of the Festival – Elzbieta Ficowska

§        Director of Book Institution in Krakow – Magdalena Slusarska

§        Adam Mickiewicz Institute – Barbara Wiechno

§        Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PR – Agnieszka Mazejowska

§        National Center of Culture in Warsaw – Bogumila Berdychowska



11.30. – Exhibition vernissage (Palace of Art – „Willa Bianky”)

§        Exhibition of Bruno Schulz’s drawings from the so-called Willa Landaua

§        Collective exhibition of graphic artists and painters from Lublin and Drohobych. Without a name: Stanislaw Baldyga, Grzegorz Mazurek, Kszysztof Szymanowicz, Mariusz Drzewinski, Piotr Kmiec, Marian Oleksiak, Lewko Skop, Аndrzej Kowal

§        Andrzej Antoni Widelski (Lublin): Аngels

§        Bartlomiej Michalowski (Lublin): Schtetl ІІІ „To the Teacher from Drohobych”, Drohobych Notes 2005-2006

§        Krystyna Glowniak (Lublin): The Only Place on Earth…

Exhibition supervisor: Grzegorz Jozefczuk

The opening of exhibitions is accompanied by:

Witold Dabrowski, Bartlomey Stanczyk (Society “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Center, Lublin): monodrama Once upon a Time… (by Tomasz Pietrasiewicz)


15.30. – Meeting with Juriy Pokalchuk (Room 32, University main building)


18.00. – Theatre „Proscenium”, Lviv National Ivan Franko University: Performance The Jay Wing (based on Іvan Franko’s prose pieces) (House „Prosvita”)


20.00. – Project by Vlodko Kaufman (Lviv) (City hall)



Tuesday, 14.11.2006


12.00. – Meeting with Branislava Stojanovic (Belgrad): Bruno Schulz in Contemporary Receptions (Room 32, University main building)


15.30. – Poliphony of Cultures: Show presentation by Society „Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Center (Lublin) (Room 32)


17.00. – Ewa Zarzycka (Lublin): Performance (based on Wladyslaw Panas’ book Bruno from Messiah) („Willa Bianky”)


19.00. – Witold Dabrowski, Przemyslaw Lozowski (Society „Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Center, Lublin): Monodrama Hasidic Parable (by Тomasz Pietrasiewicz) (cafe „In Frosia”)


The performance is accompanied by: Cinnamon Alleys: Foto exhibition by Natala Talarek (Lodz – Mielec) inspired by Bruno Schulz’s creative heritage



Wednesday, 15.11.2006


11.00. – Grzegorz Linkowski (Lublin) and „Bifurcation of Europe” Association: Film retrospective project of the International Festival of Documentary Films „Bifurcation of Europe” (Philharmony)


15.30. – Bendzin and Drohobych in Wojtek Grabowski's Films: „ A Memory from Bendzin”, „A Call of the Everyday Life”, „The Іmpression of Drohobych” (Philharmony)


18.30. – Les’ Kurbas Lviv Theatre (a junior group): Ovidius. Metamorphoses (House „Prosvita”)



Thursday, 16.11.2006


11.00. – A Translator or the Second Author: Maria Gablewich’s workshop (Lviv) based on Bruno Schulz’s prose (Room 32)


13.00. – A Lesson of Common Language: Meeting with Waldemar Michalski (Lublin) (Room 32)


15.30. – Meeting with Leszek MadzikPlastic Stage” Theatre, Lublin Catholic University). Time of Corrosion: exhibition of authors’ photoes. Film show (Picture Gallery)


18.00. – Open lecture with music illustrations by Dr. Marta Sydor (Mykola Lysenko Lviv State Music Akademy): The Symphony of Juzef Kofler's Life (dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the composer’s birth) (Room 32)


19.30. – „Alter” Student Theatre, Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University: Performance Demiurgos plus (based on Bruno Schulz’s prose) (House „Prosvita”)



Friday, 17.11.2006


10.00. – International scientific conference „Bruno Schulz and Culture of Borderland” (Assembly hall, University main building)


Conference opening:

§        Director of Polish Institute in Kyjiv – Jerzy Onuch

§        Prorector of Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University - prof. Dr. Myron Chernets

§        Prorector of Lublin Marie Curie-Sklodowska University - prof. Dr. Аnna Pajdzinska


Plenary reports (10.30. – 12.00.)

Prof. Dr. Jerzy Jarzebski (Jagellonsky University, Krakow), Ironic Order

Prof. Dr. Jerzy Swiech (Marie Curie – Slkodowska University, Lublin), Schulz, the Galician Writer

Prof. Dr. Aleksander Fiut (Jagellonsky University, Krakow), Danilo Kis and Bruno Schulz: Unexpected Meeting




Plenary reports (12.30. – 13.30.)

Prof. Dr. Mark Golberg (Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University), Bruno Schulz and Romantic Tradition

Prof. Dr. Valentyn Vandyshev (State University in Sumy), Motives of Other Existence in the Creative Work of Bruno Schulz

Waldemar Michalski (Literary and artistic journal „Аccent”, Lublin), Find Wolyn Again (Chehowich, Iwaniuk, Lobodowsky, Chaykowsky)




Reports (15.30. – 17.00.)

Dr. Boguslaw Wroblewski (Marie Curie – Sklodowska University on Lublin, editor-in-chief from „Akcent”), „Аkcent” – Against Stereotypes on Borderland of Nations and Cultures

Prof. Dr. Jerzy Bartminski, Dr. Tomasz Rokosh (Marie Curie – Sklodowska University, Lublin), Double Lives of Folklore Texts on Polish – Ukrainian Borderland

Prof. Dr. Wojciech Ligeza (Jagellonsky University, Кrakow), „Elegies of Small Towns” – A Farewell of Small Ethnic Communities in Polish After-War Culture




Reports (17.30. – 18.15.)

Dr. Kszysztof Chajkowski (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PR), Schulz’s Stories by Prophet from Lublin

Jaroslaw Wach („Аkcent”, Lublin), Wladyslaw Panas, Bruno Schulz’s Researcher, as Seen Through the Prism of the „Аkcent”




18.30. – Polish – Ukrainian Borderland : exhibition and promotion of books by Book Institution, Krakow; book exhibition by Publishing House of Lublin Marie Curie – Sklodowska University; presentation of a jubily book, dedicated to Prof. Bohdan Osadchuk / edited by Ola Gnatiuk ; exhibition of „borderland” issues of the „Аkcent” and „Кresy” (Lublin) (Assembly hall)


20.00. – „Galiciana’s Stage” Theatre (L’viv): monodrama by Oleksandr Overchuk Holy Trinity Square (based on Bruno Schulz’s prose). Jacek Kleyff staring (Faculty of Managment and Faculty of History – a former synagogue in the Jewish orphanage)



Saturday, 18.11.2006


10.00. – International scientific conference „Bruno Schulz and Culture of Borderland”ssembly hall)


Reports (10.00. – 11.30.)

Dr. Olena Perelomova (Sumy State Oleksandr Makarenko Pedagogical University), Іntellectual Character of Bruno Schulz’s Works

Dr. Wira Meniok (Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University), „Exclusive Province”: Schulz’s Creation and Interpretation of Town

Dr. Leonid Tymoshenko (Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University), Ukrainian – Polish Relations in Drohobych in the Epoch of Early Modernism

Dr. Jevgen Pshenychnyj (Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University), People and Books of Drohobych in the 1920 - 1930s




 Reports: (12.00. – 12.45.)

Bohdan ZaduraCreative Work”, „Аccent”, Lublin), Modern Ukrainian Literature in Translator’s Optics

Dr. Ostap Slywynskyy (Ivan Franko Lviv National University), Modern Polish Literature in Ukrainian Translations: Tendencies and Perspectives




13.00. – Meeting with Andriy Pavlyshyn and Natalka Sniadanko (Lviv) (Assembly hall)


15.30. – Meeting with translators of modern Polish and Ukrainian literature. Poems are Always Free: Bohdan Zadura. Translator’s Reflections: Viktor Dmytruk (Room 32)


17.30. – Schulz’s Inspirations: books presentation by Zbignew Milcharek (Tomashuw Mazowetsky) of the bibliophilic series „Telegrams from Out There” (Room 32)


19.00. – Recital of Jacek Kleyff, „Good Luck to Orchestra” (a former synagogue in the Jewish orphanage)



Sunday, 19.11.2006


11.00. – Common prayer at the place of Bruno Schulz’s tragic death. Аrtistic project by Vlodko Kaufman (Lviv)


15.30. – Recital by Alfred Schrayer (Drohobych) (Picture Gallery)


18.00. – “Plastic Stage” Theatre, Lublin Catholic University: Performance Groove (by Leszek Madzik) (St. Bartlomey’s Church)


19.00. – Torch-light march: Waiting for Messiah (gathering and start at Market Square)






General Director of the Festival

Rector of Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University

Valeryj Skotnyj


Executive Director of the Festival

Director of Igor Meniok Polish Education and Information Center, Drohobych State Ivan Franko Pedagogical University

Dr. Wira Meniok


Artistic and Media Director of the Festival

Editor of „Gazeta Wyborcza” (Lublin)

Grzegorz Jozefczuk


Меdia patrons

TVP Culture

„Gazeta Wyborcza”, Lublin