Schulzís Festival in Drohobych: beginnings and prospects


International Bruno Schulzís Festival Ė it is an idea and realization made by Polish Educative and Informative Centre. This is a non-profit institution which has cooperated with Ivan Frankoís University in Drohobycz since 2002. The project mostly center on its initiatives and actions linked with famous writer Bruno Schulz and his multicultural town Drohobycz. First of all they are both presently forgotten. This is the same with Polish and Jewish parts of culture which entirely lost in this place. We want to discovered them because it is worth and noble thing to remember about common history and get in good relations. Cultural policy of Poland and Ukraine still require for that nowadays.


The idea of Schulzís congress appeared from intentions connected with initiative to re-back great Bruno his authentic art and living space. And Drohobych needs be bothered. It was Polish town in pre-wars time, but right now it take place in Ukraine land. The places and people who ever were living here are important with their specific habits, religions and language.

Since first edition (12-18 July 2004) this undertaking is coming to be specific centre with real actions connected with Schulz in Drohobycz. The institute is still collecting the attention of experts of Schulz, famous artists, directors, writers, translators and amateurs of Cinnamon shops.

Next inspiration is to do this festival because of still not recovered Schulzís book Messiah.

Two international sessions was made by our organization (The Reception of Bruno Schulzís writing in new century - November 2002, Schulz and Ukraine - November 2003). We also have done seminars with University in Warsaw (April 2004). The main effects are publications (Multicultural Drohobycz) and opening the initial version of Bruno Schulzís Museum in his ex-office in previous gymnasium where he was teaching.


The project of creating the Centre and Museum for Bruno Schulz is becoming more and more real and it could be accepted by Ukrainian government in the near future. The actions of the Centre are developing in this direction. This is necessary to improve the significance of Bruno Schulz. Actually he should be appreciate properly in Ukrainian Drohobycz as one of the most great artist in XX century. Because in fact he made Drohobycz famous township.


Actions considered with the artist, including Schulzís Festival at first, have open and perspective formula and they represent more ďinsideĒ than ďoutsideĒ actions. And this is much more difficult and interesting task to overstep actual national, cultural and civil stereotypes in Schulzís town. Besides Ukraine ought to understand that her artist is well known in the whole world.


The institution has strong support in experts of Schulz like professors: Jerzy Ficowski, W≥adys≥aw Panas, Jerzy JarzÍbski and Aleksander Fiut. They have said that the Festival idea is an innovation.

In spite of no financial sources, we want the Festival would work and expand every two years (according to the conception of Igor Meniok, the first manager of Festival).

The second edition will be 13 -19 November 2006 and it will be called Bruno Schulz and Culture of Borderland, which contents Schulzís writing as a good example to describe Polish and Ukrainian traditions and relations. Every next edition is necessary to give Schulz and his museum more carry. The museum would be at his old home on the former FloriaŮska Street. The aim of the institution is to persuade Ukrainian inhabitants of importance of Schulz and change thinking in stereotypes.