Tribute to Bruno Schulz

International Symposium
University of Trieste, Higher School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators
23-25 November

Thursday 23 November: morning

10.00 - 11.00: welcome:
Franco Franzutti, councilor of Culture of the Autonomous Region Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Elżbieta Jogalla, director of Polish Institute in Rome Amos Luzzatto, president of Italian Jewish Communities Union

11.00- 11.30: introduction by Pietro Marchesani, teacher of Polish Language and Literature, University of Genoa


11.45: Paolo Rumiz, journalist: "In the Periphery of the Empire"

12.00 : contribution by David Grossman, writer

Chairman: Luigi Marinelli, teacher of Polish Language and Literature, University of Rome "La Sapienza"

 Thursday 23 November: afternoon

16.00: Silvia Burini, research assistant, University of Venice 'Ca' Foscari': "On the Interconnections between Literary Text and Pictorial Text: Some Notes on the Work of Bruno Schulz"
16.30: Umberto Silva: "My Discovery of Bruno Schulz: in a Portfolio of Drawings in Milan in the Early Fifties and in the Exciting Backlight of an American Novel"


17.15: Marija Mitrović, teacher, Higher School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators, University of Trieste: "Treatise on Form and Matter – the Figure of Father in the Prose of Bruno Schulz and Danilo Ki
17.45: Roberto Curci, journalist: "Lashes and Frustrations of a Solitary Man, against His Will"
18.15: Alessandra Placella, University of Genoa: "Painted Metaphors: the Catalogue of Images in the Work of Bruno Schulz"

Chairman: Jerzy Pomianowski, director of the review Nowaja Polsha

Friday 24 November: morning

10.00: Jerzy Jarzebski, Jagiellonian University in Krakow: "The Town of Bruno Schulz"
10.30: Contribution by Alfred Schreyer, musician, student of B. Schulz


11.15: Jerzy Pomianowski, director of the review Nowaja Polsha: "Schulz Teacher of Divine Drawing"
11.45: Wojciech Chmurzyński, director of Museum of Cartoon Art in Warsaw: "An Encounter with "Encounter". Some Notes on the Only Preserved Oil Painting by Bruno Schulz"
12.15: reading of the contribution by Malgorzata Kitowska-Lysiak, Catholic University of Lublin

Chairman: Elżbieta Jogalla, director of Polish Institute in Rome

Friday 24 November: afternoon

16.00: Laura Quercioli Mincer, Il Pitigliani, Italian Jewish Center, Rome: "Jewish Writing in Italy and in Poland: Some Notes to Read Bruno Schulz today"
16.30: Marco Ercolani, writer: "A Submerged Work: an Apocryphal Messiah"


17.15: Ugo Riccarelli, writer: "Imagining Schulz"
17.45: Anna Vivanti Salmon, translator: "Translating Schulz into Italian"
18.15: Władysław Panas, teacher, University of Lublin: "The Female Messiah" and "Spring" by Bruno Schulz

Chairman: Jerzy Jarzebski, Jagiellonian University in Cracow

Saturday 25 November: morning

10.00: Luigi Marinelli, teacher of Polish Language and Literature, University of Rome "La Sapienza": "Kantor and Schulz's Shadow"
10.30: Paolo Caneppele, research assistant, Filmarchiv in Wien: "Icons, Films and Pictures in the Prose of Bruno Schulz"


11.15: Conversation with the directors: Alina Skiba, Stephen and Timothy Quay, Jens Carl Ehlers
12.15: Olek Mincer will read some passages from Shulz and Gombrowicz

Chairman and conclusion: Pietro Marchesani
Speeches will be translated in simultaneous interpreting peeches will be translated in simultaneous interpreting


To Ripen towards childhood
Miscellany of films, documentaries and TV productions on and from Bruno Schulz
(Robert Walser)

Teatro Miela, Sala Grande - Sala Video Trieste
24-25 -26 novembre 2000 free entrance


Friday 24 November


Republik der Träume (Republic of Dreams) di Jens Carl Ehlers
Germany, 1991/93, Beta cam SP, col. , 102', v.o. sott. it./ingl.
The story of a compute- graphics artist fascinated by Schulz's world and especially by his short story "Republic of Dreams".
At the director's presence

Street of Crocodiles di Stephen e Timothy Quay
Great Britain, 1986, 35mm, b-n & col., 20', v.o.
Based on the homonymous short story by the Polish writer, brothers Quay's animation carries us in a oniric nightmare.
At the directors' presence

The Late Show: Theatre de Complicite
Great Britain, 1992, VHS, col., 33', v.o. sott. it.
A BBC documentary, working progress of the performance "The Street of Crocodiles" by Theatre de Complicite in London. One of the focal events of the English theatre in the Nineties.

Saturday 25 November


Umarła Klasa (Dead Class) di Andrzej Wajda
Poland, 1976, 35 mm, col., 70', v.o.
Wajda directs the shooting of Kantor's performance corresponding to the first theatre version of "Dead Class". Disown by Kantor, the film has hardly ever been screened.

Manekiny (Mannequins) di Zbigniew Rudziński
Poland, 1986, Betacam SP, col., 76', v.o. sott. it./ ingl.
Opera based on the short stories "Mannequins" and "Treatise on Mannequins".


Życiorys Brunona S. wyciągnięty z szuflady ( The Biography of Bruno Schulz Extracted from a Drawer) di Alina Skiba
Poland, 1979, 35mm, col., 9', no dialogues

Bagaż (Luggage) di Alina Skiba e Aleksander Oczko
Poland, 1979, 35mm, col., 10', no dialogues

Ażiotaż biletów na czas (Scalping Tickets against Time) di Alina Skiba
Poland, 1984, 35mm, col., 20', v.o.
Three film contributions of an artist who has always been very fond of the places and work of the artist from Drohobycz.
At the director's presence

Sanatorium pod klepsydrą (The Sandglass) di Wojciech Jerzy Has
Poland, 1973, 35mm, col., 124',v.o. sott. it.
Directed by one of the greatest representatives of Polish cinema, recently disappeared, the film evokes the allegoric and visionary world of Schulz's short stories. Special Prize of Jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1973 and Best Film at Trieste Science-Fiction Festival in 1974.

Sunday 26 November


Samotność (Loneliness) di François Lazaro
Poland, 1991, Betacam SP, col., 55'25'', v.o. sott. it./ingl.
Re-creation of the dream and oneiric world of Schulz's short story according to the French actor and director F. Lazaro.

Emeryt (Retired Man) di Waldemar Śmigasiewicz
Poland, 1988, Betacam SP, col., 55'12'', v.o. sott. it./ingl.
A retired councilor enrolls again to school to find the happy world of childhood, but he will be disappointed. A TV film based on Schulz's homonymous short story.


Republika marzeń (Republic of Dreams) di Rudolf Ziolo
Poland, 1999, Beta cam SP, col., 74'51', v.o. sott. it./ingl.
A TV film on the contrast between present and past, childhood and adulthood, on the relationship between father and son. Based on Schulz's homonymous short story.

Bruno - autobiografia pośmiertna Brunona Schulza - nauczyciela rysunków z miasta Drohobycza (Bruno - Posthumous Biography of Bruno Schulz - Art Teacher in the Town of Drohobycz) di Henryk Dederko
Poland, 1988, Beta cam SP, col., 80', v.o. sott. it./ingl.
A TV production of the performance "Bruno" by H. Dederko, very successful in Poland.


The following program will be presented Friday 24 November at 20.00 and Saturday 25 November at 17.00

Ostatni z Schulzów (The Last of Schulz) di Krzysztof Miklaszewski
Poland, 1992, Betacam SP, col., 5', v.o. sott. ingl.

Gdzie jesteście przyjaciele moi? (Where Are You My Friends?) di Mariusz Kobzdej
Poland, 1995, Betacam SP, col. 52'55'', v.o. sott. ingl.

Schulz w Krakowie (Schulz in Cracow) di Krzysztof Miklaszewski
Poland, 1992, Betacam SP, col., 20', v.o. sott. ingl.

Teatr kreatur (Theatre of Creatures) di Dorota Chamczyck
Poland, 1992, Betacam SP,col., 14'15'', v.o. sott. ingl.

Kantor (Kantor) di Krzysztof Miklaszewski
Poland, 1985, Betacam Sp, col., 40', v.o. sott. ingl.

Sklep cynamonowy na Krakowskim Kazimierzu (The Cinnamon Shop in the District Kazimierz in Cracow) di Aleksandra Czernecka
Poland, 1992, Betacam SP, col., 30'48, v.o. sott. ingl.

Miscellany of documentaries and TV programs presenting reports of events devoted to Bruno Schuzl, of performances based or inspired by his works, and some interviews (of particular relevance the interview with the author's nephew, Jakub Schulz, and the one with his student, Alfred Schreyer.

Free entrance
The program in "Sala Grande "has Italian subtitles


The Exhibitions:

Civico Museo Revoltella Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Trieste
Trieste 23 novembre 2000 - 27 gennaio 2001

The exhibition material comes from the Muzeum Literatury A. Mickiewicz ,Warsaw. By Lukasz Kossowski.

"The beginning of my drawing is lost in a mythological mist. I could hardly speak and I already filled in all the papers and newspapers borders with doodles drawing the attention of the surrounding world…"
(B.Schulz, from a letter to Witkiewicz, 1935).

The first Italian exhibition of Bruno Schulz's graphic work composed of 71 drawings and the unique oil painting, all coming from the Muzeum Literatury,Warsaw. The drawings include some of his famous self-portraits, the most relevant and living visual sign of Schulz's personality, and several of his works made with the cliché-verre technique from the Idolatric Book, his first mature work of 1920-1922. The exhibition includes 23 didactic panels showing Galician life at Schulz's time, the relations of the artist with the European avant-gardes between the two World Wars and the connections between Schulz's graphic works and his writings.

Photographic exhibition
Museo della Comunità ebraica di Trieste "Carlo e Vera Wagner"
Trieste 21 novembre 2000- 10 gennaio 2001

Drohobycz and its surroundings as they are today, including some spots directly related to the life of Bruno Schulz, such as what remains of the Great Synagogue and the place where the artist was shot in 1942. A vision of a country where the signs of history seem to be frozen in a timeless atmosphere.


Exhibition of original comics by Dieter Jüdt
based on Bruno Schulz's short stories

Teatro Miela, Trieste 22-26 November 2000

The German illustrator, graphic, designer and comics artist. Dieter Jüdt visits and re-creates the small world of Schulz's Galicia and thanks to his color choice and the narrative synthesis of his plates he personally comments on the fantastic and oniric atmosphere of the writings by the author from Drohobycz. Jüdt received many acknowledgments in his home country, and now he exhibits for the first time in Italy.



Bruno Schulz
The submerged prophet

Trieste, novembre 2000 gennaio 2001

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